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I feel like I’ve always been a soul searcher. I grew up really not understanding life and what I was doing on this planet. My life was confusing.

One minute my life was safe and secure ………. then all hell broke loose. I tried to make sense of it all, by reading lots of self help books and basically being angry.

My life started out very typical. Mom was a stay at home mom, dad was a general contractor, little sister, well you know how little sisters can be.

But one day, it all changed.

I was in the 5th grade and came home from a weekend trip with friends…

all that I knew…. changed.

My parents were getting divorced, my mom was now mentally ill, my dad soon was to become an absentee dad, my sister was on a course of drug addiction.

So I struggled… I walked down a path that led me to a dark place and a crossroad, either I would become totally messed up or…….. I could become a therapist. Like most good therapists I started out trying to figure out my life and that led to a career of helping others.

My journey led me to getting my license as a Marriage and Family Therapist and I have worked in this field for twenty two years. I originally wanted to start my own private practice, but in the process of becoming a therapist I was divorced, got scared, and stayed working as a clinician in the County Mental Health system.

Basically I sold my soul for a paycheck.

I learned a lot while working for the County and helped a lot of kids along the way, but I was not happy.

The county system wasn’t a good match for my personality and slowly I became someone I didn’t recognize. I had no energy, I had this sense of dread as I pulled into the parking lot, I wanted to run out of the building and never come back. I knew I needed to do something different but I was so far down the rabbit hole that I couldn’t see light, and didn’t know what I COULD do…..

What changed my life and my direction was coaching.

Both being coached and becoming a coach.

Coaching was a career that I could use all my training to help people create change in their lives as it helped me change mine. I can help you change yours. That’s what I do.

Coaching starts where therapy leaves off. You become emotionally healthy through therapy you design your life through coaching.

What better way to spend my days then helping people create their most awesome lives.

I am solely coaching now, though I maintain my license as a therapist. How this helps you is I bring to coaching all my experience, my trainings, all the hundreds of books I have read and all the tens of thousands of hours I have sat in front of people; helping them. All cultures, all ages, all types of trauma and pain.

I have been certified in Transformational Coaching in two styles and I have also been certified as a Life Coach.

I’m ready, are you?


As your coach I’m here for you every step of the way

I’m really good at finding those limiting thoughts, and because I have been a therapist for many years I have training and skills that have been developed to work through these limits.

When you hire me I will work to help you get clarity on why you are stuck and what it is you “do” want. You will be able to recognize your limiting beliefs and thoughts that keep you stuck and together we will create a plan for your most awesome life.

If you are ready to get started… and you are the type of person who accepts responsibility for their actions, then I’m your gal. I do expect my clients to not make excuses for their limits, but to recognize them and move through them. I will hold you accountable and I will “with love” challenge you in the places where you play it safe. I want the best life for you and I will be your biggest cheerleader. You have all your answers; it’s my pleasure to help you find them.


My mission is to help you thrive, to help you create your most awesome life!!

Official Bio

Licensed in California as a Marriage and Family Therapist
#LMFT 35563

Certified as Transformational Coach – Gina Devee The Academy

Certified as a Life Coach – Martha Beck Life Coaching

Certified as a Transformational Coach – Resource Realization

Certified at UC Davis as a Parent Child Interaction Therapist

Certified through Santa Barbara Gestalt Training as a Gestalt Therapist